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lingerie shopping

October 8, 2015

Sir: Going to go Lingerie shopping. Just letting you know

me: Oooooh ok. on Tuesday. Mentally preparing already!

Sir: You shouldn’t have to. You should know I will use my best judgment and you will BE confident in my decisions.

me: Yes, sir.

Sir: Did I not do good with the dress?

me: I loved your dress pick! I do trust you.

Sir: Good… good.

So I had a mini panic attack, like I did when he said he wanted to put me in a dress. I hate that my body image makes thinking about this less enjoyable. I’ve never gotten myself lingerie before. The only time I’ve received lingerie was from my lingerie shower before I got married.

I get home from work on Tuesday filled with energy… so I start making dinner. Thinking that Sir could either eat it or I’d have it for lunch tomorrow. I wasn’t quite sure what his dinner plans were for us, if any. He gets off work a little later than I do and in the next town over. Less than an hour later he walks into my apartment just as I’m completely finished. He’s pleased to find food upon his arrival. My subbie-self is happy he’s pleased.

Any way, we finish up and head out. I am aware that I became less and less chatty as we approach the mall. Ugh. My nerves are eating at me. We get out of the car… he’s telling a story of his first ski trip and I’m trying to participate. We walk into the mall, and the mall smell hits me. I feel like all malls smell the exact same way. I hate shopping so this association does not help my nerves at all. In fact as a child I’d come home from every shopping trip throwing up from a migraine. Going to the mall with my mom and 4 siblings was NEVER a quick trip. Awful, awful and alllll day. And there were too much of us to afford to sit and eat out somewhere, so we wouldn’t eat for what seemed like all day, hence the migraine. Even more of a side note, this is exactly why I always have food on me when I leave the house!

Victoria secrets. Sigh. I’ve gone in here before… with my sister. For my sister. For my friends…. For my friend’s girlfriends. Never for me.

We walk in. I’m a step behind Sir more because of instincts but also because of dread. He pulls his Dom eyes out. I am immediately put at ease by those. Trust happens in that moment. I just follow him. Touch the fabrics he touches. Comment on what he asks me to comment on. But ultimately he settles on one. Part silk and part lace. Not at all scandelous. A sweet kind of sexy. A deep maroon color. One of my favorites. He hands it to me and we find a dressing room. I put it on. It’s perfect. The length, the cut around my tiny tiny tiny microscopic boobs,the color, the material, the way I feel.

I crack the door of my dressing room, poke my head out… but not venturing any more of me out of the room… there were a few other guys waiting on their women too. He comes to me. And he isn’t looking at me. He’s looking in the mirror behind me. That gives him a great view of my ass. The length stops right above the bottom curve of my cheeks…. With a narrow strip of lace that extends the length of the back. “Yes?” “Yes.” It’s settled. That’s all it took!!?

We head back to the rack we got it off of to grab the matching T-back panties that go with it. As I’m sifting thru to find my size he says, “You think Andy will like it?”

I flashed my eyes at him, trying to contain the excitement of what I think he just said to me. He notices my excitement and also my hesitation and answers my silent question, “I am giving you permission to wear it for him.”

This man just took me lingerie shopping for another love interest?!

All I can think is this poly thing is pretty cool. And I have the best dom EVER!