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week 6

September 2, 2016

Being on vacation obviously makes a diet impossible. And actually, like most people, I took a vacation from dieting too.

I spent a few days resisting the extra calories, but by day 3 I was in full vacation mode. And I’m glad I loosened up a bit. I had a blast!!!!!! The ultimate Maine experience!

  • whale watching
  • sailing
  • kayaking
  • hiking
  • lobster and blueberry pie eatin!

So much fun with two girlfriends from college that I got to be extremely goofy with. I got the BEST pics. So so so much fun.

I needed to be with people who made me loosen up on the calorie front and cash front. I’m so cheap!

And the whole trip, with airfair and food and entertainment, and other travel expenses came out to just over $1000… And I haven’t vacationed in 2.5 years! So I feel pretty good about all that.

As far as the diet is concerned I have put my scale away. I’m going to continue to prep food, make healthy decisions, up my cardo, and add a few focused strength cycles. I feel great! And I shouldn’t let the scale dictate my mood. So for at least a few more weeks the scale is up on top of my fridge way back in the back. I not only need a step stool, but I also have to climb on top of my counters before I can reach it. So! Here’s to chipping away at the ole body!!!

And a noteworthy event: I’m in new jeans and they are a size down!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy friday all!


August 24, 2016

I really feel like we should be able to buy and take anti-anxiety pills like we take Tylenol. As needed.

I’m having an anxious-filled day and can’t seem to come down. Stress from no particular direction.

I do get pre-travel anxiety and I leave on Friday. But I didn’t know I was worried at all about the trip til today. It lit a small fire. I just bought $70 worth of stuff off amazon to hike and travel with. Did I need that stuff?? Uh… probably could’ve figured it out without it. IDK.

  • I bought individual instant coffee packets JUST IN CASE I can’t get my caffeine fix. Can’t have that caffeine headache on vacation.
  • HAD to buy a leak proof water bottle, because a normal 16 oz Ozarka water won’t do. Normally I’d just take an empty bottle (or buy one at a convenient store) and just refill it for the weekend. Yeah, I’m super cheap. I like to consider it low maintenance… Anyone buyin’ that?
  • A new backpack because… I NEED something waterproof. I mean WHAT IF?!?!
  • I’m not only packing my new hiking sandals that I bought specifically for this trip, but also my closed toe trusty hikers… Okay, maybe that is a smart decision.
  • I got new sunglasses because… um… I needed to buy a pair that had “athletic” in the title. And especially made for smaller adult faces… because… the ones I wear in the car couldn’t possibly keep up with the me that hikes on the trails.
  • I stopped myself from buying a huge first aid kit and something to purify water. Seriously, the girls I’m going with probably won’t want to even think about a hike longer than 2 hours. The prissiest adventure tom boys you’ll ever meet. There’s a reason we have been such good friends for so long!

Whatever… at least my discover cash back paid for it all in full… 🙂

Anyway, I could totes use a chill pill today.


August 18, 2015

I’m so dissatisfied right now. Had a binge eating session last night. Emotional hangover from that today. Guilt. Shame. The whole deal.

Job: I feel useless. There are rare day where I feel needed. But as the newest member of the team… I’m pretty disposable right now. I miss my old position where I was actually good at it. I kicked ass. Now, I’m a baby again… needing to be spoon fed everything it seems.

relationship status: I loved being apart of a couple with M. I miss him. I miss that. And now… I’m just all over the place, once again. Too many options and too many directions. At this point I can drop them all and be just as dissatisfied in life. I was in communication with 4 guys just last night between the hours of 9 and 11 and really only 1 that I’d care to actually be with, of course, he’s the least likely of the 4 because of time and distance. I need a good flogging. Gah, I want that. NEED that. A good flogging and a good after-care cuddle sesh.

Workouts: My damn motivation changes from week to week and its really bugging me. I signed up for the gauntlet and i’m pretty much dreading every obstacle right now. I have exactly a month to get ready for it. Gonna be stupid… I’ll walk away feeling terrible about myself. I hope I’m wrong about this. Overall I’m doing well. I even lost 10 pounds in the last 2 months that feels pretty damn good. But… like I said, every week feels different.

Restless: I need a vacation in the biggest way possible. But vacationing alone? I don’t know that I’m a good enough person to be able to do that and not cry myself to sleep every night, or pick up some rando at the closest bar to my hotel where ever I go. Reckless. Purely reckless. And I’ll still be just as dissatisfied, but also gain a side of disgust. I’ve even thought about getting back on tinder JUST to find a vacation buddy… how pathetic is that. “Need vacation buddy for one week in September. Series inquiries only”. I’M PATHETIC!

I just wanna throw the biggest pity party today.

bad day bad day bad day

It’ll pass.