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weekend with Andy

October 14, 2015

What an incredible weekend! Everything I felt for Andy before is only intensified. I CANNOT get enough. I dont’ think we spent a total of 20 seconds without touching each other in some form or fashion.

Everything was amazing from snuggling on the couch watching Star Wars to hiking and chilling at the bar with a few of my friends from out of town.

As we were cuddling on Saturday afternoon on my couch I had an overwhelming urge to body worship this man. I’ve NEVER body worshiped anyone or felt this urge before. I wanted to kiss every single spot on this man’s body. Not just to cover him, but to appreciate him. I didn’t ever say this, nor did I fully act on it, but I still can’t get over the sentiment and how powerful an urge it was. Maybe because Sir has been immersing me so much in my submission lately that it is a normal progression to feel. That my submissive side is being triggered by life in general. Even with someone I don’t have a d/s relationship with. This urge was so intense. I wonder if I could do this for him some day…. I kind of wish I would’ve just gone with it. I should’ve.

I am a big fan of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I believe this book has some great points about how we feel loved and instinctively show love. I think a lot of couples are not missing the amount of love it takes to stay together and flourish, but I do believe that there can be a huge displacement of how we show love versus how our partners feel loved. I feel like Andy’s natural way of showing how he cares, by using his words and touch, is 100% compatible with how my “love tank” is filled up. My love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. Andy is quick to compliment. Quick to verbalize his feelings for me, and like I mentioned above we were constantly touching. I couldn’t have felt more for him if I tried! I know its early and feelings are always butterflies and rainbows at this stage… but I haven’t felt this complete in a long long long long time.

Sir did give me a few rules for the weekend. 1) No fucking in the ass. 2) He wasn’t allowed to cum inside me – in any of me.

This was surprisingly difficult to do. I had to tell Andy the rules, because there is no way I could’ve done that alone. We followed the rules successfully! (I forgot how many towels you can go thru with the pull out method. Ha!) But we managed and it didn’t detract from any of it. The sex was amazing. All of it. Every time. Every moment. I don’t get why having rules turns me on. I don’t understand this at all. But having tasks… putting things on my to-do (and to-don’t) list with Andy… only made me hotter!

Andy LOVED the lingerie. He mentioned it several times over the weekend how much he enjoyed it. “Have to send him a thank you note!” That one made me giggle. He’s so easy going. And open about everything. I asked him again about how he felt about our situation… about me and Sir… to see if any body language betrayed what he was saying. Everything he said felt honest and understanding. I can hardly believe how cool he is being about it.

He left on Sunday afternoon and my feels are still tingling like crazy. I’m loving missing him and longing for him. Feels amazing. I love the “I miss you” texts and full blown conversations about just wanting to be together… I love all of it. I know at some point this longing will become painful and urgent, but right now I’m just basking in the fact that I actually feel this way about someone and that HE DOES TOO!


October 4, 2015
Sir T gives me tasks almost daily. Some are simple, some are more involved. Download this app. Send me a pic. Text me at 1pm. Research this or that. Text him when you get to work in the morning.
One particular task had me a bit nervous. “Buy a chrome or glass butt plug to begin anal training.”
I read that a few times. Lol. Do what now?
The only reason I even knew what this was is from a blog I follow here are wordpress. Thank you, thrillofthechaste. Him and his wife were working on her training and enjoying it, I might add!
So, I start the research phase. What does it look like? Where does one get this shit from? All the retail chains and places I’ve heard of before didn’t have any in a smaller size and the material I was instructed to find.
I finally found one. Sent him a the link – per his instructions. And he gave me the go-ahead. I ordered it. Thank the lord for discrete shipping! Brilliant! 🙂
After it was delivered we had a… “training session”… if you will. Basically he showed me how to use it. How am I so innocent and naive and bashful and so not at the same time?!?! Overall it went well. I was a “good girl.” 🙂
The next task the next day… is more of an on-going rule: Carry it every where I go. OMG. Nu uh. In my purse!?!? “Yes, sir.”
This means for the past few weeks I’ve had it in my purse… when I’m at work. Going to church (is this sacrilegious or blasphemous?). Um… bowling WITH MY CHURCH GROUP. Hanging out with my MOM. On a date. And just everywhere. You get the picture. I know that this means some day in the near future his task for the day will be for me to put it “on”…. should be interesting. I haven’t “handled” it enough to trust that it’ll stay put! Oh lord. What if it doesn’t stay put!??!?!?!??!?!? I can’t think about that.
I actually love the tasks. It’s a way to be submissive without him there. It’s nice to be able to tell him I’ve done it. Or take a picture for proof. Or anything really. And I like being taken out of my comfort zone. There’s a definite pride associated with it. I won’t say no to him… so, no matter how uncomfortable, timid, shy, unsure of what I’m doing – I’ll get it done. I’ll make it happen. For him.
Tasks… it’s definitely been interesting and a very odd place for pride to stem from. I like it.