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Get what you give

July 5, 2016

And this true. If you give more at work you’ll get more pay. Get a better position. If you give more in your workouts you get better results. If you give more in your daily nutrition efforts you’ll definitely see good things happen in that department. All these things that effort equals result. It’s nice to know we can have an impact on the things in our lives.

Somethings get in the way. Like laziness. Fear. Distractions. But for the most part it rings true. You get what you give. Lots of things are investments in that way. Somethings have a higher return than others… and we live our life and adjust accordingly.

But one aspect in life where this is just absolutely not true. No matter how much effort and time you put in it will not bear fruits. There might be fruits in the first place but you won’t increase your fruits at any faster rate. And that’s people.

People suck. People are selfish. People fail. People make mistakes. It doesn’t mean that we should put less effort into people. People need effort. They need unconditional kindness. They need all these things. It’s a shame that being a better friend doesn’t equal getting a better friend. Some people work this way maybe… keeping some sort of score. But I don’t think we want our friendships like that. Do we?

I’ve been dissatisfied in life lately. I guess I’ll just up my efforts in all areas regardless on what I’ll get. I’ll enjoy the return on investments where it happens and I’ll know I’m being a good friend where I don’t.