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it’s Tuesday!

May 31, 2016

Playdate playdate playdate!!!



October 5, 2015

He spent a few minutes in the bedroom preparing something. He called me in. I obeyed immediately. I was sitting on the edge of my seat anyway in the next room – excited with anticipation. All I knew about what was to come was the phrase “heavy session.” I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but I was good just knowing there was a plan! I love when there is forethought. I feel a little less appreciated when our play dates come around and my partner is winging it. But Sir T always has a plan. Always has a next step. Always a progression.

I enter my bedroom. He’s already there. I see it in his eyes. He is all Dom in this moment. I love that. He puts a blind fold on me. In one motion he spins me around, picks me up, and quite literally throws me up and onto the bed. I’m already enjoying every second. He commands me to lie flat, face down. Limb by limb he secures me with rope to the bed. It’s tight. It’s secure. It feels safe and comforting… counter intuitive? Maybe, but masochism doesn’t make sense in and of itself either.

He starts in with the flogger. I love everything about a flogger. I love when it’s used like a weapon. Beating me with the countless tails. I love it when I’m being caressed by one… feeling the leather of each strip every where all at once. When the handle is being pushed into my back or teasing me… I feel everything. Pain. All the pain. All the nerves in my back and ass are on fire. And begging for more.

He uses several toys. Paddles, a crop, other tools I can’t quite determine with the blindfold on. I love the way a crop sounds. It has a purr right before it strikes. I can always recognize this one.

At some point I stop feeling pain. Nothing hurts. And I know I can handle just about anything he wants to do to me. Everywhere that has been touched just feels warm, and every strike following it just leaves me hungry. I’m feeling desperate. I want more and more and more. I can only squirm as much as the rope will let me. I start shaking. I just want more. I don’t feel pain, but my mouth responds to pain. With every blow I’m crying out in pain, but why? I feel nothing but yummy heat. My body is leaning in to every blow, then running away in response. It’s as if there are two of me. One hurting and one enjoying.

He knows where I am, and sees both of me struggling to co-exist. This is where he wants me. He puts his hand on me. On my back. Pressing down. Bringing me back just enough to know I’m okay. He says something. What did he say? I must have responded for he is satisfied with the answer. My ankles are set free. He picks me up at the hips. Forcing my knees under me. Positioning me to receive him. But I’m not here. I’m somewhere else. High on pain and torture in such a blissful way. Before my mind can catch up with my body my wrists are untied one at a time. He slips off the blindfold. But I’m assaulted by the light. Even when I finally do open my eyes, I can’t see straight. Everything is blurry. I lay down. He is close by. Petting me back to reality. It takes so long to come back. I can tell I’m fighting to stay where I was. My body is convulsing. There’s a smile on my face. And tears? Why am I crying? I feel so good. My eyes still can’t see for a long time.

This was by far the most intense session yet. Heavy session?? Yes, again please! I’ve never experienced subspace in such a complete way before. I never quite made it out of my body before… Incredible!