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August 18, 2014

Well, as of today, August 18th, 2014, I am…. me. Well that’s a boring statement. But in my defense… insert today’s date and its always a true statement. So maybe its brilliant… like the sentence “I am.” 1000% true every time. I personally love these kind of statements. I think they are simply, beautifully brilliant.

Anyway! I’m 26… looking into the eyes of 27 in the next 6 weeks. I’m recently (as in exactly 2 months and 23 hours and 15 minutes) divorced. No kids. Young professional (well, at least I try to be). ┬áText addict. I love hash tags… and i’m a closet selfie taker… but I care too much about how I’m perceived to actually post them as often as I want. I wait for a good reason… like my niece “is the cutest thing ever!” or “look! the Eifle tower!”… I’ve never been to Paris, but you get the gist. I think that’s just the product of my generation… we are stuck between the last generation who will remember a time before internet and iphones and thinking that the only reason chef’s and food preparers present food so purposefully is so we can snap a pic and post it to our favorite social media site(s). I mean, why else would they care if what we are about to devour looks good?!?! Again, I resist this overwhelming urge as I do selfies. You. Are. Welcome.

I like to think I’m a pretty simple person, but the fact that I’m a woman betrays me right off the bat. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan that doesn’t currently own a tv… debating a purchase… so my cardinal stats are about a season (or two) behind. I have a puppy, well he’s 3-ish. I rescued him in May. He’s some sort of mutt, chaweenie breed. I just know him as a little black dog that loves to cuddle. I call him Sammie. More about him later.

I’m pretty dorky. I’m learning to let this side of me show… Not sure why i spent so long suppressing it… well, i have theories. More on this topic later. I have a food problem, but I workout (kind of a lot) to compensate. I’m a little bit of a workoutaholic. Again, more on that later.

I guess you are wondering what the point is. Welp, I am not sure. This blog will probably be a lot about me being newly divorced… and all that comes with it. I have a lot in my head. And I’m pretty internal, but my favorite way to process a situation is thru typing it out. I guess that’s the point. You are in the middle of my processing space… that is actually a little scary. Are you hooked yet? buhahahaha. oh. you aren’t? ooops. alrighty… well, maybe you’ll be bored enough (or procrastinating enough) next Monday morning to roll back around and see what ramblings I have decided to share.

Till then… hope the day goes well. Later!