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2016: take two

January 15, 2016

I’ve been holding back in my writings lately. Recently¬†my anonymity was broken. The things I have written about haven’t been censored, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t cherry picking the easier topics from my life line up. I hate that being known effects this blog at all. And I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.

In my writings, I am vulnerable. This blog is me stripped naked for the world and the only way I’m strong enough for that, the only way I’m not terrified about that, is because no one knows who I am. No one knew. I think we are all better at opening up to strangers than to our family members and friends. That’s the point of anonymous blogs. We get to do this living out loud thing and no one can really judge us. Or at least not judge us in a way that can petrify us.

When I write I water down the emotions with humor, and I like doing that. It’s my voice. It’s how I deal with things. But no matter how goofy it all may seem, I pour everything into these writings. Each one makes up my inner most self. If you took all my posts and fit them together that is who I am. Anyone reading these blogs would know me better than all the people I see on a daily basis. It’s a pretty clear picture I think.

Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. It’s like being “too nice”, it was NEVER¬†suppose to be a bad thing. But that is what society makes it. Society kind of forces it to be faults. If you are too nice people will use you and you’ll become a push over. If you are too vulnerable then all those insecurities and faults will be exploited. But those negative characteristics are what makes us better humans. Better friends. Better listeners. Better helpers. It is in those negative moments that we are made stronger because knowing who we are, knowing our weak links, prepares us for life.

I’m not sure why, but my last few weeks have been hard. I can’t seem to get into the swing of 2016. I’ve been backsliding in all the strides I made in 2015.

I’m no stranger to backsliding, and after reading some of my fellow bloggers’ blogs lately, I’m not alone. We’ve all had a hard go of it lately. Whether it be overcoming food, fears, bad habits, relationships, over exercise, self doubt, or sadness. Everyone has the same words right now. We failed. But we won’t quit.

Hope is one of those weird, counter intuitive human things. Even without proof we hope. Hope and faith, we cling to them, but the very definition makes it irrational to do so. To hope or have faith means its something you put stock into despite all other previous outcomes. We still expect that one day our perfect outcome will happen. Our time will come. We’ll finally get it right. Thank goodness for hope and faith, right? Because the only proof is we haven’t over come our demons yet.

I say we all get up, dust ourselves off, and start this year over. Who’s with me?

boy B… thoughtful?

July 31, 2015

Who’s boy B? quick catchup here.

Boy B picked up girl.

Girl was surprisingly happy to see boy B.

Boy B took her to her “surprise that was sure to relax” her.

We pull up to a massage parlor!!! Massages are one of my favorite things. I love being touched. I love massages. I love everything about them. I’m excited. We go in and fill out the first time form and sit in the lobby waiting area.

Little Asian woman comes out and motions to us. “Me?” I say as I point to my chest. “Or him?” I point to boy B. She nods enthusiastically and motions for both of us to come. “Room 6.” I’m thoroughly confused at this point. But I follow her because somewhere around that corner I’m getting a massage! I walk into Room 6. 2 beds. No partitions. COUPLE’S MASSAGE?!?!?! I can’t help but laugh. I’m almost doubled over laughing.

Boy B that claims he can handle being just friends has scheduled a couple’s massage with girl.

He pokes his head in… clearly embarrassed… feigning cluelessness. Now, I don’t know if he meant to do this or not… he says he didn’t but I only believe him not at all. My hesitation on the logistics of it all didn’t last long.

I mean, hey, my FRIEND is buying me a massage! Fuck it. I take my shirt off. Remove my jeans. Lie face down and wait. I’m enjoying this regardless of any other naked body in the room.

So… if he was truly unaware of the “couples” part of the massage then this was extremely thoughtful. He knows I’ve been stressed and sad and it DEFINITELY cheered me up.

But… I mean, really how unaware was he? I’ll never know. Slick way to get me naked tho. And damn, that Asian woman knew what she was doing.

Happy Friday!