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boy A, boy B, girl

July 30, 2015

Girl is getting over boy A.

Boy B wants to date girl.

Girl tells boy B that she is hung up and recovering from boy A.

Boy B says that’s okay. “I want to be your friend.”

Girl says okay. “But I’m serious about not being able to give more than that.”

Boy B is good with this. Boy B says he is good with this.

Girl is sad. Girl misses boy A. Girl has made boundaries clear to boy B.

Is it wrong for girl to take advantage? Is it taking advantage of boy B if he is aware of all the facts and all the feelings? Or is it girl’s responsibility to save boy B from inevitable heart ache because his feeling are clear.

And is boy B just using a manipulation tactic? Does boy B truly plan on being just friends? Is boy B taking advantage of girl?

Girl has no energy to argue with persistent boy B. She agrees to hang out with boy B.

Girl feels guilty for accepting. Now girl is sad about boy A and feeling guilt over boy B.