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to be known

September 29, 2016

Had girl’s night last night. My best friend, E, brought in someone new.

Side topic: why am I always so hesistant about new females? Whether they are friends of my girl friends or guy friends.

Her friend… let’s call her S. S brought an avacodo salsa that was AMAZING and she tipped the scales with some hint of lime chips. I pretty much took it over. They were fine with the pizza they ordered so I didn’t feel bad in the least!

When it was time for them to go (we were at my apartment) she asked if I wanted the rest of that salsa because that was just a tiny bit of the portion she actually made. Um… hellz yes, but do not leave that bag o chips! THat’ll make a great pre-workout snack!

So I emptied her dish into one of my tupperware containers. I then walked over to my sink and started cleaning the glass dish. Okay, so… when it comes to glass serving or mixing bowls I get some deep satisfaction cleaning it. Especially the clear glass! I mean… I don’t know what it’s about. But it wasn’t a chore at all. In mid rinse S says “Oh you didn’t have to clean it. I was just gonna take it as is.” E immediately says, “That’s just Michelle.” She swept her arms in the directions all the way around her. “She didn’t clean for you.”

Haha. I love that she knows me so well. But my question is… How does everyone else live??? in filth and clutter?? Nu uh. NEVER!