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August 21, 2014

Why do they make coffee flavored creamer? Do people seek this out? Maybe some people are worried their coffee doesn’t taste enough like coffee?

I got honked at in the middle of a round about for “cutting someone off”. I thought the point of a round about (or traffic circle) was so we could all essentially cut each other off in a mutual sort of way. Am I wrong? I didn’t do anything that would cause them to change speeds… I didn’t think I was even that close to them… at the same time, I’m not the best driver. Maybe the honk was deserved.

 I can’t quite place the feeling I have about seeing my nails done. I have jams on from jamberry nail wraps… They are so damn cute. Green chevrons. I look down at them and I just feel… something… i can’t quite define what i feel. I do know that it’s positive. Maybe it’s a weird sense of pride because those are my fingers lookin’ so cute and I’m not really one of those girls that do (or know how to do) a lot of accessorizing. Aaaand I did it myself 🙂 Pride… maybe that’s what it is…

I get to a point every once in a while where it feels soooooo good to stretch… as in the deep yawn, hands in the air, back arched… At this point I know its when I need my back popped. It gets more and more frequent the more I need it. I lost my built in back popper in the divorce… Not quite sure how to replace that yet… The best thing I can come up with is a foam roller on the floor of the gym. Lol. But it only tends to get my upper back popped about 75% of the way… good enough for now.

Random today… I know. But what do you expect with a site title with the word “ramblings” in it?