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second first kiss

March 20, 2016

Talking in a booth over a meal. Side by side. Such a normal moment. There was this look that was developing in his eyes. I recognized this look and knew my eyes were making the same transformation. Sending a welcoming vibe. Creating a magnetic forcefield.


He leaned in.

I’ve never experienced one moment that left the world completely still yet spinning me dizzy.

World altering.

I’m pretty sure when we broke contact I said “wow”. I think. I wasn’t quite back to Earth just yet. It took a few blinks.

Whatever this means for us, I know that I won’t soon forget that moment.

What’s crazy is this wasn’t our first first kiss. But our first first kiss wasn’t ANYTHING close to that. What a difference half a year can make. Where did that come from?? I’m BLOWN AWAY!


Yet another first date

May 29, 2015

The date was mediocre… Nothing particularly bad. Nothing particularly good. By the end of the night I could’ve walked away or gone along with making plans if he wanted. I rambled on like crazy. I guess I was just a little bit nervous. But normal one-on-one for the first time jitters. It was raining and I had an hour drive ahead of me. It was time to go. He walked me to my car. In the rain. Hugged me good bye… He had his hands placed lower on my sides than would be considered innocent. But I like being held like that. I like when a guy handles me in a natural way to him, that lines up perfectly with the natural way I like, like fitting into a space that you didn’t think to try before.

He pulled away just slightly from the hug enough to lean down to kiss me. In the rain. I love a good rain kiss. I didn’t expect this. and then it hit me. The scent. His scent. I haven’t experienced this with anyone except for my ex husband. My ex had a scent that instantly intoxicated me. I was instantly melting… and I caught this scent. Like, a made for me scent. Hooked. Curiosity spiked. The kiss lasted only a few seconds. Nothing too scandalous, but i definitely leaned in after catching it.

That was a good drive home. I’m not saying that this means anything in particular, just that it was good moment. And our next date is already in the calendar.

I laugh at myself when an episode of Dinosaurs, a show I use to watch as a kid, popped in my head. This episode was about the daughter getting her scent… The moment she becomes a woman basically. It’s only pleasant to THE ONE, her “future mate for life”, and not so pleasing to others. and the custodian at her school catches her scent. She spends the rest of the episode on a journey to change her scent… but I digress. What is it called in the animal kingdom?? Pheromones? Ha. Better stop this rambling before it gets even worse! 🙂

have a good Friday!