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May 4, 2016

I’ve not spent a lot of time in my apartment this week. And I like that. Makes the week go by so fast. Hanging out here. Doing this over here. Moving fast and not sitting still till falling into bed.

But this means my apartment gets neglected. It’s amazing the clutter I can cause just by not being there.

And the rest of the week doesn’t look good for my tiny one bedroom either.

So, I’ve decided to do my Tasmanian clean up during my lunch break today.

I made a list.

And I can’t tell you how excited I am about this plan.

living room

It doesn’t take long – probably 5 minutes on average per space. I’ll be making my lunch in 25 minutes!

I’m positive this excitement isn’t normal.






August 27, 2014

So there’s this odd random feeling that keeps hitting me over and over again throughout the day lately. It’s a mixture of anxiety and excitement… It’s almost overwhelming at times. The first time I felt it I thought i was having a panic attack. But i recognized the feeling as not all bad. It feels as if something is right around the corner. Something is about to happen. Something is brewing. Something BIG! 

I kind of have this theory on ESP…. I feel like everyone falls on a spectrum of it. But I think most of us land on the millisecond side of the spectrum…. So basically none at all. While others maybe have more of a gift for it. I don’t know. Call me crazy for this one. I do realize it’s a stretch. But this is the weirdest and strongest feeling.

Maybe its just stress manifesting itself… I haven’t been able to sleep… so maybe its even just a sign of sleep deprivation, but it won’t go away. It’ll hit me in waves and then it’ll go. but its becoming more and more… whats the word… constant… i think. 

I’ve decided that it’s hope. But a really strong urgent hope. Wonder if I’m just kind of needing sleep or if something will (unexpectedly) pop up. Or maybe I’m becoming a little desperate in the lonely department… maybe this is just a coping mechanism… but i kind of like it.