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tucked in

May 3, 2016

he kissed me softly

he tied me up

he took a belt to me

he used me

he cuddled me

he tucked me in

he left

I slept like his baby girl


another cuddle sesh post

January 25, 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how appealing the thought of cuddling is with absolute strangers. When on Tinder and talking to guys I’ve never met before… if any of them talked about holding me… i’m swooning. What?? I don’t know this person. I don’t know if i’ll even be okay with most of their mannerisms enough to even stand them… and here i am wishing to be in their arms on the couch/bed watching some netflix. First of all, this is code to them. But to me its a dream! I just want to be touched! but thats why they know it works. Bitches. Manipulative bitches. LOL. Me and other women must not be too different if guys use this and it works? ugh whatever. I’m not saying that I follow thru with all the cuddle threats, but I just wanted to talk about how odd we are as humans to be instantly drawn to this activity with people we know about 150 characters worth. Humans are weird.

Is this need something that we should be substituting with something a bit (mentally) healthier? Or is this just how we are. We are all searching for someone to be in the arms of… and humans just don’t stop till that happens… and some times its taken slightly out of context to more of a temporary fix… but ultimately… is this all this is about? Or am I addicted to something I need rehab from?