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the good kind of bruises

June 1, 2016





Feels like someone busted my lip. Please don’t even think about touching either earlobe. My neck feels like its been ripped apart with hands and teeth. Oh right… it was. When my thighs rub together as I walk I can feel the bite marks on both sides. My right quad is one big knot. And my ass… oh good lord.

I’m so exhausted today. It’s feels so good to bear these marks. When I have these pains and bruises I have a weird mix of wanting to show them off and terrified someone might notice one. How do you explain that one in a corporate environment. It’s not easy to list out all the physical and psychological reasons why I want this and enjoy this. I suppose saying “I’m a masochist” would suffice for most. At least it would make a few uncomfortable enough to stop prying. LOL.

And I just found another spot…. The back of my right arm. No teeth marks. Phew!! I told R I’d have to give him rules next time… nothing above the nipples. Ha. That’ll hold water.

vanilla w/ sprinkles

December 14, 2015

With A…

Drinking with his friends: A’s best friend and his wife. Drinks, drinks, and more drinks! With sides of flat bread and conversation.

Flogging: A pillow case becoming a make shift flogger. Not painful, but oh-so sensual!

Christmas errands: Fighting the mall crowd. ‘Bows out. People watching. Making fun of the masses.

Breath play: with that same pillow case. This will always be my favorite. Rules laid out, safety gestures defined.  I disappear to heaven.

Baking and decorating cookies: He was actually better at decorating than me. I’m far from good at anything creative, but I LOVE to bake. It was nice, too, that he didn’t mind helping. He is so sweet and open and I just can’t say enough about how great A is.

Bruises: “Sorry about that.” um…. DON’T BE! I LOVE souvenirs. Being away from each other through the week makes bruises a nice reminder. His claim on me even when we aren’t in the same town. Not his intentions but of course that’s how I like to feel it.

Grocery shopping: I love when the mundane becomes so enjoyable. Random hugs and squeezes and kisses  while pushing a cart down the baking aisle. I’m sorry to all those that have issues with PDA, but I’m never turning down those random touches for anything.

Happy Monday, all!

turtlenecks and tank tops

October 9, 2015

There’s a lady that works on my floor that always wears turtle necks and cardigans no matter what the season. Her hair is always the same length and color. Always down. She wears oversize glasses. If I had to guess she is in her mid-fifties.

And every time I see her all I can think about are the marks she might be covering up… Rope constraint evidence? a collar? teeth marks? day old bruises mixed with week old ones? Does she EVER get a break? Does she want a break? If for no other reason than to throw on a tank top!