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March 4, 2016

Me and trey met at an event at my apartment complex. It was a free drink night. It was the first event I attended at my apartment complex. The first event that offered free booze. Not a coincidence. Me and josh decided to go together since it’s one of those potentially awkward things that make it hard for singles to show up anywhere.

While we are there I notice a guy working the crowd. It’s a mix and mingle event. By design there’s a game set up to spark the conversation. And while I do the bare minimum to interact with anyone but josh, this guy is working in a full conversation with each person he approaches. I’m impressed.

At one point he comes over to me and josh and I reach out and start making conversation. We just stand around and drink for the next thirty minutes. Turns out he works in politics. So immediately I’m impressed less by his communication skills. What a tease. Oh well. Still pleasant enough to talk to. Even funny at times.

Before we leave he gets my number. Now… I have made the appropriate references to my BOYFRIEND so he gets the picture. This makes me feel slightly more comfortable about giving my number out but really it just caught me too off guard to know what else to do. He hands me his phone and I immediately look at josh for direction. He offers nothing. Bastard. I enter my number because I’m not in the habit of embarrassing people in public.

Before I get home I have a text from him saying how much fun I was and how much fun he had talking. He’s GUSHING. Now, I’m not above flattery. I like when I catch someone’s attention. I appreciate being appreciated more than the typical gal.

Any way, over the next few weeks we text minimally. He asks to hang out. I iterate the fact that I have a boyfriend and boundaries should be kept accordingly.

Earlier this week he invites me to a comedy show and I give him a non-commit ‘maybe’. Turns out a few of my other friends will be there so I tell him¬†finitely I’ll go early yesterday. He said he’ll swing by and pick me up at 7:45. ‘Okay.’

At 7:43 I decide to put some pants on. I throw on a tank top and a light zip up jacket I don’t intend on taking off. I walk out at 7:45 on the dot. He pulls up at 7:46. I hop in his SUV.

He’s in a blazer. :\ This is a super casual venue. I mean… like, you could wear sweat pants unnoticed. He immediately says, “You look nice tonight.” What script is he reading from? “A blazer?” I try to keep the judgement out of my intonation. He tries to say that he was under dressed for a meeting earlier that day so he felt the jacket evened the playing field. Okay…. but how much effort does it take to take a blazer off? Like, while you are driving?

It feels immediately awkward. More than first date awkward. Because, HELLO!?!? I didn’t get the memo that I was going on a date that night!

We are standing in line at the bar and he loudly announces the first round is on him. I still don’t get why he made it such a big deal. “Okay…” and I lean into the cashier to place my beer order more discreetly than his announcement… I think I was trying to climb under a rock in the same moment.

I hear someone say my name from behind me and it’s Hannah! One of my best friends. I throw my arms around her as the relief washes over me. Mid-hug I realize this is not something me and Hannah do. She is looking at me funny. But she picks up what I’m putting down as soon as she glances to my right and notices the dude in a blazer. She laughs. I can’t help but laugh too. I’M SO FRIGGIN RELIEVED TO HAVE HER THERE! So we all go sit… and I try desperately to diffuse the date vibe sitting with Hannah and making him pull a chair up to us. I know, it sounds rude, but I was feeling like I was drowning.

Anyway… fast forward and he is dropping me off… I hop out of the vehicle waving and yelling thanks as I bolt up to the second floor. Of course I am immediately greeted by text message before I can unlock my door that he had a great night with me. He does that… adds the “with you.” As if I didn’t quite understand that he specifically only had fun with me… ¬†Yeesh.

Only *I* could accidentally go on a date. Gah!