Hey all! I just realized I didn’t have an about me page… and thats the second thing I look for in other people’s blogs, second to the post that drew in my curiosity in the first place. So here it is. About me:

I’m currently 27… but next month that changes… lol maybe I should say I was born in ’87.

I got married in May 2009 as a 21 year old just out of college. He was my high school sweetheart. Five years later I was divorced in June 2014. But this blog isn’t about much about him…

I started this blog to vent and ramble and share about myself post-divorce. It’s turned into a lot of different things over the course of the year…

I speak about my struggle with emotional and binge eating…
and my working out to compensate for that.

I talk about my need for companionship. I share my dates… the good, bad, and ugly… usually in retrospect I can pull the comical out of any scenario. The hard part is translating that to my readers. But I’m a positive person that can spot good, funny, and the silver lining of just about ANY situation. I get that from my mother… She (genuinely) smiles her way through life and it’s CONTAGIOUS! Well, that and maybe a little genetic 🙂

I also share a little bit about my submissive tendencies… and my exploration in the bdsm world.

Everything else can get pretty random… I love that I have followers and readers and the occasional comment, but I truly just love getting things from my mind out and on to my keyboard. It is truly a cathartic process. Re-reading old posts and seeing where my mind was and comparing that to where I am now is also part of that process.

Here is my very first post – the one I regarded as my about me in the first place about me

Hope you enjoy!

One Response to “About”

  1. Pete Deakon Says:

    Thanks for reading/reviewing Buried Within. I’m glad you liked it.


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