Mirror work – Day 1

Image resultOkay, so I’ve decided to start this today. Day 1!

Day 1 Loving Yourself:

Day 1 exercise is to stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes. Take a deep breath, and say ” I want to like you. I want to really learn to love you. Let’s go for it and really have some fun.”  Then take a deep breath and say “I’m learning to really like you. I’m learning to really love you.” Keep taking deep breaths and keep looking into your eyes. “I’m willing to learn to love you, michelle. I’m willing to learn to love you.” Throughout the day as you catch yourself in a reflection any where you repeat all this. Even if you have to do it silently in public.

Let me pause and do that….

Besides feeling a bit on the crazy side by talking to myself to myself in a mirror…. witnessing first hand how crazy I kind of sort of look and definitely feel… It wasn’t too bad. Truth is I don’t hate myself at all. I’m in a really good place. I’m taking care of me and I’m quite literally the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been. But I do know that I can benefit from going even deeper with my relationship to my reflection. I’m very very excited about this.

The power is within you: journal exercise for day 1

1: How did you feel after your morning exercise for day 1? I felt more silly than anything.

2: 6 hours later – how’d it go…. any thoughts?…. Did you believe yourself? I noticed that i really like the color of my eyes. It’s funny the things you don’t take time to appreciate. Yeah, i believe it for sure.

3. Keep track of changes in behavior. did the exercise become easier or harder? I didn’t notice a whole lot of change. I think it got easier.

4. what did i learn today? Hm… I don’t know yet. But there is something interesting about looking into your own eyes. Can’t quite name it yet.

Heart thought for the day: I am open and receptive [to the fact that i deserve good].

Meditation for the day:

I listened to this. It mainly talks about love. But it begins with a statement that i really really liked. First it states that we all deserve to be happy and healthy and loved. Then it says something that took off a lot of pressure that i didn’t even realize was there. It said that I don’t have to believe it. I don’t even have to accept it. Wow. Maybe I believe it less than I thought. I will say it was nice to know its okay not to believe it…. YET. I’m going to go out today and shower love on EVERYTHING. Including myself 🙂

Day 1 done. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this! I think it’ll be a great tool for me and for my clients down the road.

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