the girl with the birthmark

To me it’s like having a nose. It just is. I completely forget it might be defining. I’ve never not had it. I forget that is is a prominently displayed feature on my face. I barely see it when I look in the mirror. Or at least its not something I note often. Like I said, it’s like having a nose.

I notice things like a pimple that just popped up. Or the dry skin from having the heater cranked up all night.

I forget its a defining feature. So when I overhear you say, “You know, the girl with the birthmark”, I start thinking… who’s got the birthmark. Oh yeah. That’s me.

It use to be brighter. And larger. I had some laser work done on it. Not because I sought out to get rid of it. I was at a dermatologist appointment once and he mentioned he could laser it, and I just kind of went with it. It broke up the brightest spots just below my right eye. He removed as much as he could. The rest, which is still a significant amount, is unremovable.

I’ve heard people say its the first thing they see. And then I see people every day for years and one day they ask who punched me. To which I’ve many times replied to with “You should see the other guy.” Original I know, but people laugh every time. Tried and True. As soon as I tell them that it’s actually a birthmark they are almost embarrassed. Not sure why. Is it because they feel silly for never noticing, or they feel rude for pointing out something I can’t change about myself. Almost like a foot in mouth situation.

But it’s not embarrassing to me. It just is. It’s endearing. It’s me. If you love me, you easily love my birthmark. I know this about me.

When I’m eating a clean diet and taking care of myself which I tend to do, my complexion is second to none… porcelain beautiful… and my birthmark actually stands out even more… but in a smooth sort of glow.

I guess I mean to say… I am the girl with the birthmark. It’s mine. It’s me. I love that.


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