so there’s this guy

A few months back I started seeing this guy. Another fucking red head. I swear… I’ve denied I had a type my whole adult life. But This is at least number 4… and I double take the most unfortunate looking red heads too. It’s more like a compulsion really. Don’t get me wrong. There are hot red heads, and this guy is good looking.

So… this guy. He’s financially secure. Great job. Savings account. He’s intimidatingly smart. The way his brain works… The amount of information this man holds in his brain and his recall abilities blows my mind. But honestly I’m at the other end of that spectrum. I can’t remember information, facts, numbers worth shit and I can’t recall even the most recent memories.

He’s very into technology and politics. He’s loud. He does only what he wants. He likes to argue. He’s always right. He’s abrasive. But he is more than capable of admitting defeat. But also, he’s affectionate. He’s touchy. And he touches well. And I don’t mean in a sexually satisfying way. I mean in a way that fills up my love tank. I respect him more than I’ve respected the men I’ve dated lately. Respect is a big deal to me. I am so damn stingy with that for some reason.

When we first started seeing each other he wasn’t around much. I didn’t even see him once a week. I asked him several times if he even liked me. I couldn’t tell. He didn’t seem to have any kind of feelings towards me good or bad. Just kind of… there… when he wasn’t busy or when he was bored. He kept saying he was just busy. This, that, or the other. Something always came up. Our plans were postponed often. I told him if he didn’t hang out and wasn’t around I’m assuming he just doesn’t want to… Simple enough. But I have to admit when we were face to face he was completely present. And I clung to those kind of moments.

I even thought… maybe I’ll just phase him out. But no amount of my lack of initiation made it disappear. It wasn’t satisfying by far, but he would pop back up just when I thought he’d forgotten about me. And he’d pop in completely present and satisfying while we were face to face.

He explained to me that he doesn’t go through the infatuation stage. He doesn’t do the falling, spark igniting moments. And he doesn’t want that. He wants a partner for life. Someone compatible without all the hormones.

I go back and forth on this. I have a few very wise people in my life that say this is what I should be looking for. Hang up the sexy idea of being swept up. Find someone stable that can take care of me. But I want to be the object of the other side of that infatuation DAMMIT! I want to be the object of desire and I want to fall with someone. But… A partner in life. Of course that’s what I want. and if I have to skip all the heart fluttering stuff to get there? I don’t know. Something is missing… oh yeah… the spark and the fire. Let that go? Maybe I need to. I’ve done that… and holy crap did that hurt. This feels more like a decision to be made rather than something I can’t fight with logic. It’s completely opposite of all my last dating ventures. This feels grown up.

Ever since his summer/fall activities ended and my stint in the hospital he’s been around ALL THE TIME. Every day. Like a switch went off. It’s like we’re a thing now. And he’s good at it. I mean… where the fuck did this come from? So now he’s around… and I still feel a pause over all this… because now it is my decision. Keep him because he’d make a good long term partner to do life with or pass and wait on some magic? I have a logical brain and a woman’s hope-filled heart. It’s causing a little unrest.

Don’t get me wrong. I like this guy. A lot. And that’s why I have this unsettled heart about it. I feel like I need advice here. Whats my hang up? Or whats my strong hold? If I sound all over the place it’s because I am. At this point he can’t break my heart… he doesn’t really have it. Is that the direction we’re heading? Will he have my heart in the future? Can he? Is it possible to work that way?

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4 Responses to “so there’s this guy”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I got nothing. Maybe he hesitation is because you feel like your heart belongs to someone else? And if this is real, then this is it. Are you ready for that?

    I only day this because I’ve been hung up on Ryan for how long? This unsettled feeling only comes from him whenever someone starts getting serious about me.

    • shelldab Says:

      someone else? let me count the most recent what-ifs and get-aways… I feel like a majority of the people I’ve dated in the last 2 years are still kind of hovering and looming. To ask if there’s someone else… Sure, I suppose so… someones else. But am I waiting on that one guy that makes me drop all the rest? I mean… I feel as if mitch was the answer to that question… and look how that turned out.

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