vegas – wednesday

On Wednesday evening there is ANOTHER happy hour at the top of ANOTHER hotel. It’s just been the drinkiest week and the mingliest week I’ve experienced in quite awhile, if ever.

I’ve met so many IBMmers and so many other people I can barely keep it all straight. Not the mention the information I’m learning at the actual conference. You know… the whole reason I’m there! Yes! I did actually attend the sessions and go to the expo center! Some. 🙂

The view from this bar is so pretty. And we are there perfectly timed. We get to see the whole thing thru sunset.

After happy hour we are all planning on attending the big event the conference is putting on. An Imagine Dragons concert at the T-Mobile Arena. The IBMmers escort us out of the building and there it was. Our limo! I have only ever ridden in one limo in my life time. It’s excited shit to me. And I realize they probably saved money getting us the limo versus 2 taxis… but a girl can still be impressed!

They hand us wrist bands and tell us to go find some lounge. After walking around the arena almost 2 complete times we find the room. More food. More alcohol. But we are missing the view of the stage. I didn’t understand how we were suppose to see the band from here. Of course, just as I’m explaining my concern a man came into the lounge and said he was ready to escort us out to the floor.

I’m sorry. WHAT?! THE FLOOR?! We somehow scored floor seats to this thing! Oh my god, the concert was fantastic. The energy was incredible!

I don’t know why they thought I should be wined and dined like a VIP. I’m glad they did!  It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

After the concert I met up with the mainframe guy I met the night before. We went to the Bellagio to see the fountain. And then we went to Fremont Street. He humored me well and even rode the zip line with me!! Fremont is definitely a unique experience, even in vegas.

I’m not a prude…. those of you that follow the blog know I’m very much NOT a prude… but vegas pulled it right on out of me. LOL. Naked women on the street? Letting guys touch them? OH MY! And men half naked and very muscly??? Holy shit! It was hard not to stare at that. But I couldn’t help feeling like it was wrong. I don’t know what it was about it, but I definitely felt like a prude there.

At the end of the night mainframe guy walked me to the elevators of our hotel and gave me a career pep talk. I told him earlier that I was feeling out of place in my job and not enjoying it lately. He was very sweet. He told me I was smart, and beautiful, and quite frankly a mainframe unicorn. That I should stick it out. Keep learning and keep putting up with all the males in my work place. He said it better than that. He really did make me think about things. He made me feel special and made me feel like I was in the right place. I’m grateful he cared enough to tell me this as we parted ways.

Overall Las Vegas was a helluva lot better experience than I imagined. I had a great time. Learned a lot. And met some pretty awesome people.


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