vegas – tuesday

Tuesday night the IBMmers took us out to a fancy steak dinner in New York, New York. One of the guys kept ordering bottle after bottle of red wine. And I’m talking $100 bottles and up. They just kept coming.

The guy sitting across from me: gah! talk about a good looking guy in a suit. He’s even better looking than the sleaze ball I met the night before. He was a professional man tho. Nothing like chris. He didn’t flirt and flaunt and such. We had a great conversation and we didn’t need the whole flirty scene. He offered to help me with the vegas experience. We exchanged numbers and he promised to get in touch with me later about finding a spot to gamble… as if it would be hard! Truth is, I just didn’t want to do it alone. I was grateful he offered.

After the dinner I had another event to attend. All us mainframe nerds were invited to a room for live karaoke at The House Of Blues. Yet another open bar event. So insane to me how much free alcohol there was around!

So the the main demographic of people that still work on the mainframe are as follows: white men older than 50. Indian guys that are 40 and up. If their are women they are getting on up their in age too. If anyone was younger in this crowd they somehow scored an invite some other way.

So there I was. Not yet 30. I’m cute enough and I love chit chatting with anyone. It’s pretty easy. I have an impulsive word problem. I overestimate my wit. I smile and spout out something I think is hilarious but in all actuality it’s goofy and corny and something only dads could appreciate. So I spout out something and BAM I have made an instant friend to talk to for a few minutes to hours depending on the chemistry. I love this about me.

I met several people at this event. I even exchange numbers with a guy that offered to go to Fremont Street with me at some point thru the week. He’s older. He’s harmless. He’s genuine. I follow him and his crew over to a beer house. We sit and chat until SS texts to see what’s up.

Okay, while yes I’m wanting to keep it professional I’d still much rather sit and talk to this young guy in a suit! Ugh. Sue me. I’m human. And I’ve got all these stupid hormones and DNA that dictate that I search for a good looking and capable man to mate with and do my duty to make sure the human race continues. Thankfully we are also given the gift of reason. Some of us more than others. After all, this guy has a wife and kids and all. But I digress.

I meet up with SS at MGM. We walk around we gamble some, but ultimately we just find a bar to sit near and drink beer and talk. I really enjoyed this. Really really really enjoyed this. At a little after 2 I make my way back to my hotel room and crash.


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