vegas – monday

I spent all week attending every single IBM sponsored event I could. Free food, alcohol, and I plenty of people to mingle with.

Monday night I was invited to a meet and greet happy hour at the top of Mandalay Bay.

It’s called the Foundation Room. Me and the chick from work that I don’t know well decided to meet by the elevators. We went into the elevator that was marked for the top of the building, but it wouldn’t let us select the option for the Foundation Room without a special clearance.

So me and chick from work are standing there looking lost and clueless when a man in a suit comes out of nowhere asking us if we are looking for the Foundation room. Lol! I have no clue how he knew or who he was or why he was helping. Like, is this his job? Just waiting for confused people by the elevators? He escorts us to a big big man at a velvet rope with a clipboard. Exclusive club style! Is this real?? We find our names on the list but the man asks us to wait off to the side. As we wait here come the IBMmers. They are all looking snazzy in suits. Chris puts a hand out and says, “Michelle?” Lol Yes! That is me!

They escort us up to the top where there is food and an open bar. I honestly didn’t realize how much fun I’d have networking. And the booze and good looking men didn’t hurt. I kept it professional for sure tho. I can’t afford that kind of gossip at work as the only female and young person on our team.

But not everyone was keeping it professional! Lol oh lord. These guys almost make me sick! Okay. That’s not fair. It was just Chris. He is the kind of sales guy that hugs too intimately with his hand perfectly placed in all the right spots that make me absolutely weak. Normally. But for some reason I was offended by it. But I think I was overcompensating for how seduce-able I know I am. My guards were so fucking high. And they needed to be.

Towards the end of happy hour I am somehow swept along with Chris and two others that all decide we must do dinner. I’m always happy for a meal. And a free one to boot!
Immediately I sense the familiarity between Chris and another woman that came out with us to dinner. She is sassy and flirty and definitely has an eye for Chris. He’s all too happy to reciprocate. They most assuredly have a past. I can FEEL it! It’s strange watching two people go on and on about their families and spouses and flirt at the same time. It made me completely unsettled. They really did go with the whole “what happens in vegas…” line.


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