I just landed in Vegas. Just now. I have a work conference. I came alone. I’m, to say the least, not a happy camper. 

I went to inquire about a shuttle ride and I wasn’t satisfied with the wait time. 30 minutes. I consider speedy travel something I’ll spend for. Which says a lot because I’m cheap as hell. The shuttle ticket lady directed me to the taxi pick up. I go. 

I walk out and wouldn’t you know. 30 – 40 minutes wait for a fucking taxi. 

But the way they herd you into a line it’s impossible to turn around with all the people and baggage. So I can’t just crawl back to the shuttle ticket lady. The line is set up like you are waiting for a ride at Disney World. You know, the chain and posts and zig zag single file line. 

But. I made a decision as I pulled out my phone to bitch at the first person in my text inbox list. I decided no more complaining about this damn trip. I’ve been complaining non stop since this trip was booked. 

Vegas? Alone? No thank you. But it’s time to stop being a sour puss about it. 

Time to enjoy it. Or at least stop bringing down the people around me with my whiny, lonely, work conference story. 

So instead of getting all upset in this line I decided to blog. It totally zapped my rising anger! 

Let’s fake this damn-fucking-more-Blankety-blank words trip til I make it! 


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