I really feel like we should be able to buy and take anti-anxiety pills like we take Tylenol. As needed.

I’m having an anxious-filled day and can’t seem to come down. Stress from no particular direction.

I do get pre-travel anxiety and I leave on Friday. But I didn’t know I was worried at all about the trip til today. It lit a small fire. I just bought $70 worth of stuff off amazon to hike and travel with. Did I need that stuff?? Uh… probably could’ve figured it out without it. IDK.

  • I bought individual instant coffee packets JUST IN CASE I can’t get my caffeine fix. Can’t have that caffeine headache on vacation.
  • HAD to buy a leak proof water bottle, because a normal 16 oz Ozarka water won’t do. Normally I’d just take an empty bottle (or buy one at a convenient store) and just refill it for the weekend. Yeah, I’m super cheap. I like to consider it low maintenance… Anyone buyin’ that?
  • A new backpack because… I NEED something waterproof. I mean WHAT IF?!?!
  • I’m not only packing my new hiking sandals that I bought specifically for this trip, but also my closed toe trusty hikers… Okay, maybe that is a smart decision.
  • I got new sunglasses because… um… I needed to buy a pair that had “athletic” in the title. And especially made for smaller adult faces… because… the ones I wear in the car couldn’t possibly keep up with the me that hikes on the trails.
  • I stopped myself from buying a huge first aid kit and something to purify water. Seriously, the girls I’m going with probably won’t want to even think about a hike longer than 2 hours. The prissiest adventure tom boys you’ll ever meet. There’s a reason we have been such good friends for so long!

Whatever… at least my discover cash back paid for it all in full… 🙂

Anyway, I could totes use a chill pill today.


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One Response to “arrggg!!!”

  1. paintdigi Says:

    The human grief .. lessons …. on, life goes on

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