week 4

Welp, I didn’t hit the numbers I needed this morning on the scale. BUT my clothes are fitting so fantastically it’s hard to be upset about it. I’m giving myself the water retention/muscle weighs more than fat speech when I think about the stupid numbers.

I have equipped myself again this week with meals and quality groceries.

Things to improve upon this week:

  • Add cardio – in order to feel like doing this I’ll have to enforce a strict bed time. No later than 10pm. My crossfit workouts are feeling so so so good, but I need a bit of something extra. Time to do some HIIT stuff.
  • 100 ounces of water per day. I’m a water gal; this shouldn’t be hard at all.
  • Say no to alcohol. I haven’t done the best at showing self control during social events. Last week I had 3 nights “out” that I indulged in. Obviously this is not going to help my calorie counting. DUH. Just do it. Gotta stay focused.

It’s a typical Monday (with the added bonus of rain) and I’m just sitting here waiting on the caffeine to hit my veins. I don’t quite feel the gumption of last week, but I still feel very determined. So… lets do week 4. Let’s shake up some numbers on the scale while we’re at it. đŸ™‚


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