week 2 continued…

I am kicking ass this week. Boom. Bam. Wapow!

I feel great. I always forget how strong I feel in the gym and how slim I feel every where else when I clean up my diet.

So far the week has been way too busy to have time to mess it up or even think about bingeing.

It’s early yet. But I feel GREAT!

Three events have been cancelled this week that would test my self discpline. I’m really really happy about it. While I know I need practice making the right decisions, I’m grateful to get one more week under my belt before relying on self control.

I’ve put up my scale so that I’m not tempted. The numbers on the scale just give me an excuse to crash diet or slack off. So, I’m going to try to keep my weigh ins on Mondays only and stick to my meal plan.

Just going to feel good about feeling good and keep on keepin on.

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