Only Americans could be so easily distracted from all the hot topics. People dying? Most disappointing presidential election in history pending? Riots? Not so peaceful assemblies? Escalation at the worse we’ve seen on domestic soil?


Catch all the POKEMON!

It’s so easy to say that its a negative thing… Our attention span or lack thereof. You can blame it on that. But I think everyone was getting scared and everyone was needing a break…

We hooked ourselves to the latest craze like we were changing the subject at an awkward family dinner to help divert attention from the most recent black sheep move.

I haven’t downloaded this app (yet). But I fucking LOVE the break it’s given my Facebook feed. And some of those new memes going around? HILARIOUS!

I’ll gladly take laughing about ridiculousness over people hating on each other about subjects that no one will solve… especially not the way we chose to go about it. Maybe that is what makes me part of this generation. Typical millennial. But honestly I think we just see patterns in our politics from over the years… you know the one where we say we want or don’t want something and then no one cares about that opinion? And we just don’t want to play. We just plan on being disappointed and roll with the punches. No one is going to get tooooo far out there, right? A lot of it is broken, but checks and balances DO exist. I’m good with that covering me.


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One Response to “SQUIRREL!”

  1. emdimensional Says:

    It’s a welcomed phenomenon in my world. I don’t play yet, but my kids do and I see people wandering absently, goofy looks on their faces, phone in hand… trying to catch them all… every time I leave the house. I agree it’s changed facebook feeds a bit from the reality of this world (depressing, cynical, feeling hopeless) to a bit of silliness that we all seemed to need. Perfect timing, Nintendo. And, really it’s the perfect phone game (except people catching them all while driving) for those who grew up with Pokemon. Real world catching and battles? Brilliant.

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