birth story

I was in the delivery room a few weeks ago when my sister brought her son into the world.

There’s something about being in the same room as my twin sister as she experiences so much pain. And maybe it’s not a twin thing at all. Maybe its just a sibling thing. Or a people thing. While she was experiencing each contraction all I wanted to do was cry. My body’s response to her pain was tears.

I didn’t let them loose. I mean, come on… If you aren’t the one about to birth something from your body in the delivery room you don’t get the luxury of feeling things. You have to be strong if she needs you, right? I don’t know. But that is what I decided.

It was pretty intense.

Besides wanting to cry all I could think was how beautiful my sister was in that moment.

Here she is. In the worst pain of her life. Completely naked. And she is the prettiest person that I’ve ever seen. Maybe that’s what they call “the glow” of pregnancy. I don’t know. All I know is that it was overwhelming.

She kicked ass in there. No meds. No man. Just pure finish-line-in-sight, can’t-wait-to-hold-my-baby motivation.

It was an awesome experience. I mean, I think I’m forever talked out of having my own kids, but it was awesome to be there. And I don’t think I can even say we experienced it together, because the events of that night were NOT the same by far for us both – poor girl – but I’m happy I was apart of it.


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3 Responses to “birth story”

  1. singlemilitarymom Says:

    Don’t let my pain stop you from doing it! Heck look how much easier Noah was. God knows what he is doing when he creates the pain. Maybe he knew at that age I couldn’t handle it? But then again maybe the first child isn’t as bad anyway…so you can at least have one 😉

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