shaken faith

Ever since me and mitch have gotten back together, I can’t quite muster up the enthusiasm I had about us before the hiccup. I mean, I still want him forever. Gosh, I was a miserable mess when we weren’t together. But now I think about all the motives that could possibly be behind the break up. Now, I know why he says he broke up with me. And I know why he says he stayed broken up with me for a week. I know all the explicitly stated shit…

I don’t know why I can’t trust it.

But what’s worse is I don’t know that I can trust that he won’t do it again. He says we are on the same page. Forever and always (I know – gag. eye roll). He says he loves me and wants me. But I can’t seem to settle into it.

I’m nervous.

Why is nervous what I feel?

I’m hoping time will settle these insecurities. I hate it tho. I hate that what we have is colored by this. Once again I’m praying to father time. Fix it, please



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