no place like home

I’m wearing my red high heels today. A co-worker called them my ruby red slippers and asked if I was going to click my heels together.

There’s no place like home.

But as he said this my mind was already ahead of him and wondering where I’d be transported to if this was something that could practically happen.

I thought about my apartment… And how even when if I were literally and technically at home with my pup I’d still be sad. I’d still hurt so bad that I can’t stop sighing… And I might even give in to the pull of my bed and just curl up and stay there. My pillow can’t piece me back together. Even if it could… all the pieces aren’t here. There are not all accounted for.

I thought about maybe it transporting me into mitch’s arms… and how even that can’t be called home. And I so wished that it would be for the rest of my life. The bottom has fallen out of my world and there’s nothing to hold onto as I keep falling.

There’s no where that would bring the peace of “home” right now. I can’t escape any of this. I just have to wait this feeling out. And hope that father time has mercy on me and speeds it up a bit.


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