when it becomes a crutch

I feel like there’s a group of people that see emotions as something to be covered. But even further than that, they don’t see them as something that should be felt. Maybe not so much the feel-good emotions, although heaven forbid you don’t play it cool with something exciting happens, but they definitely cover up the bad and the ugly. They don’t believe that depression is a real ailment. They don’t believe that many psychological issues are actually in existence. This isn’t exactly denial. I truly believe that these people, and I’m going to generalize a little bit and say that they are mostly men, just don’t feel the variety of emotions that others do. Not all men, and its not limited to men, I just witness it more with men. They just can’t relate. They don’t understand it. There is zero empathy because they’ve never experienced it.

And this is a shame. Especially for those around them with things like chronic depression, fibromyalgia (yes, I definitely put this in a more mental disorder/disease/ailment – whichever is less offensive because that is not my aim here – than a physical one… I’m not a doctor, k?), and just generally people that feel more, or are more empathetic. I just learned about this one too: Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)… this is a thing. I mean…something like that would be even hard for those sympathetic to mental disorders to have patience with. I believe there’s value in acknowledging all these things.

You know the type tho. The type of person that is completely unwilling to admit these things are real. The people that think of the people that “experience” these things as weak. Or the people that think that you can get over these things as simple as putting mind over matter.

But then there is an equally as annoying counter part to this at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The people that crutch on these traits, ailments, sensitivities way too much. Everything they do and every decision is at the fault of their disorders. They couldn’t help themselves because they were “triggered” or something as ambiguous.

I do understand that there are more severe cases than others on all these things. There’s a spectrum for it all. And we ALL land someone on it. And I believe there is value in knowing where you fit on that spectrum. Self awareness is a powerful tool. Knowing how things effect you and being able to predict certain situations for you can help with a lot of heart ache or at least put expectations in appropriate places. I can’t stress how much value I put on this.

I’m sure this isn’t making much sense. But just like the man who thinks his son should stop crying and be a man, it annoys me just as much as the friend that cancels everything because they are triggered today by such and such and the only reason that blah blah blah blah is because of something I experienced when I was 5….

I’m a very understanding person. I give a lot of grace and patience regardless of merit. I let people have all their disorders and that give all kinds of excuses for things… but there are people that take advantage of the fact that society is finally becoming sensitive to certain ideas in the psychological field.

Like I said, I’m no doctor. And I’m pretty ignorant on a lot of the things I just mentioned. I’m not trying to offend. I’m just noting an observation. I don’t like when these diagnoses are taken advantage of.


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