over it

At work I have to be in constant defense mode. I’ve got to be ready for one stupid argument after the next. My male co-workers have learned how easy it is to get a rise out of me. And it’s getting so old so fast. Most days I tolerate it just fine. I jab back. I’m cute. I’m flirty. Blah blah blah. But other days its just old and annoying and I can’t stand any of them.

Like today, I have a cold. I woke up early for a workout. And I have a very painful thing going on with my left eyeball. Maybe it’s a sty under my eyelid?? I don’t know. I just know that it hurts so much.

So, maybe I need more coffee, and maybe I just need to get a couple red flags... but I’m just about over people today.

They like to go out ever so often and drink. And when I mean they like to go out and drink, they want to walk out of the office, go straight to downtown and park themselves at one bar for 3 hours. Get up from that bar… walk 5 steps to the front door of the next bar/restaurant and order a pizza and drink for another 2 or 3 hours. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy this. But I like to go to the gym right after work. I like to consider calories thru the week. I like to be able to take my dog outside before 10 pm that night. They decided we are going out next Monday. And they got completely offended that I said I wouldn’t join them til 6. What!? You all will be out til 9 or 10. I won’t miss a damn thing but maybe 2 rounds.

Why give me a hard time on something? They blame it on how anal I am about my rigid schedule, but this is the first time that I said I might get a workout first before meeting them. I pay a hefty monthly fee for my gym. And I don’t exactly enjoy getting in a morning workout. And obviously if they are upset about me skipping the beginning of hanging out then its out of the question to leave early for a workout…. and after a few beers, that would NOT be enjoyable. I’d never plan that.

I just don’t get the point in the argument. They just sit there and jab and jab and jab and I’m tired. It’s 8:35 and I’m already tired today. They do what they want to do and I should be able to do what I want to do “just because”. None of these guys would adjust their schedule for me… so why do I even consider them in this decision. It’s silly. Next Monday, I’ll workout, I’ll take my dog out, I’ll head downtown… And that’s that.

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