the one

Had a hot couch date last night. 🙂

I love when you first start dating someone, and how it feels good just to sit with them. Like, you smile just because your legs are touching. All the good feels are bursting out. It’s my favorite.

I got caught up for a few years about that sexual charge feeling. You know, that new and exciting person that wants you… And those feels are nice too. Full of lust and want. And they want it too. It just oozes (sometimes literally) from you.

But this is a more calm state of being. Both have their merits. For sure. But this is a grow old with someone, keep ’em forever, buy a house, have babies sort of feeling. I haven’t had this feeling… maybe in forever. I mean, I’ve had small flickers of moments like this. But even when I was married I didn’t feel that consistently.

I didn’t realize this feeling… versus the rip-clothes-off-and-fuck-for-days feeling was ONE THOUSAND TIMES BETTER. No. Infinitely better.

Don’t get me wrong though. There’s definitely heat here. I’ve never dated someone I find this attractive. I feel like the luckiest gal on the planet. I can’t keep my hands off of him. Or my lips. But… there’s way way way more than just lust.

I hate throwing around phrases like “I’ve never felt this way” when starting a new relationship because all my friends say that. One guy after the other… It’s always “This is totally and completely different”. Then three months later they hate each other or it’s 6 months later and they haven’t had sex in 4 months and they don’t know how to break up with them. It’s so cliche and I absolutely hate being cliche. But… guys? This is different! And I’ve NEVER felt this before. The future feels good with him. I can see it. And it transcends all the negative relationship woes that I usually feel when thinking about commitment. That dread I’ve felt about marriage and the whole family thing… it’s not there right now.

And I always have to qualify with this because of my logical math brain. I know its early yet. I know things can go badly and in a hurry. I know I know I know. But…

He’s the one.

And I hope to god I’m not writing you guys in a few weeks, months, or even years saying “I guess he wasn’t…”

And if do? If I’m wrong about this..? I’m switching teams and trying out the ladies.

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4 Responses to “the one”

  1. notginnandtonic Says:

    yo i just read wayyy too much of this blog; is this mitch you’re talking about? because if so i disagree. but either way you seem like a fun person and i feel like i relate A LOT to your way of seeing relationships even though i’m younger/never married… thanks for your blog x

    • shelldab Says:

      I love binging on new blogs I find! And yeah… It’s mitch. Only time can really tell. I’m enjoying it. It’s not without its ups and downs and warning flags, but is anything these days?? Glad you are enjoying it!

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