starting a business

I went to a small business seminar this week. It was about how to get started and how to do a business plan. It was amazing!

But I must admit through the whole thing I was on quite a roller coaster.

They opened up with talking about taxes and regulations and lawyers. I was pretty close to just walking out at that point. It’s friggin scary! But I sat thru the hard stuff.

We went through the business plan stuff. And I couldn’t help but get so damned excited. I believe in my idea. I really think it has a place in this world. And I just kept being so grateful on how much I was believing more and more and more in it instead of questioning it. Usually doubt is my slow growing emotion… not the excitement part! I’m taking that as a fantastic sign!

Then they’d say something else about the legation of it all and scare me shitless again. I get that they tell horror stories to make you take crossing your Ts and dotting your Is seem as important as it is. You miss one tax or one law and they can shut you down with fines. Up and down and up and down. It was a good day overall tho. I’m excited to get started and I’m happy to not be in a hurry with it.

I have time to simmer on all my ideas. Time to save. Time to put together a great business plan. And best of all time to shop around for a loan. I’m in a good place. I’m not desperate. But I’m highly aware of my lack of collateral too.

One of the colleges in town has a whole department dedicated to local small businesses. They have free consultants and free market research. It’s incredible. I feel like I fell into a jackpot. They will be able to help me decide on location and more importantly if there is a big enough market for my idea in this area.

I’m pretty pumped to have access to consultants! That helps me not be so fearful of the whole thing.

I can’t wait to see what comes of this!


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  1. moving on and making changes | Lot of ramblings from little ole me Says:

    […] I also met with my business consultant about the market research on my idea. All things positive on that front for sure. But this is going to be a long haul process of doing it right. My business plan has to be solid. And as of this far I have no numbers on paper. What a daunting task. I’ll get there tho. I’m not in a hurry here and that feels good. Feels like I’m in control. […]

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