too soon?

I’m having entirely too much fun with mitch. It’s hard to even care that it is waaaay soon to be jumping into something else with someone!

I spoke to my mom about it. “You didn’t waste any time! Good for you!” This was NOT the reaction I was expecting! I expected more of what my co-worker said. “Watch out… make sure he isn’t a rebound.”

But… so what if he is! I mean… I don’t feel like its a rebound thing. I mean, yeah, they say it’s healthy to spend time with yourself for awhile but lets re-cap.

I dated A for less than 6 months. I saw him at most once a week. And there was a full month in there that I didn’t even see him. I was already alone with myself! What am I suppose to be figuring out about myself? I didn’t lose myself to anyone or anything.

I barely changed my schedule for this guy. I never stopped hanging with all my friends throughout the week. I did what I wanted when I wanted to.

Yes, I fell hard and fast at the beginning. And I clung to that potential first couple of months for slightly longer than I should have. But remember? I’m the girl who doesn’t make decisions til I know they are the right ones. Till I know I won’t regret anything but waiting so long.

Anyway, all I mean is… who fucking cares that it’s so soon! I’m jumping in! And I’m excited about it!


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One Response to “too soon?”

  1. EnglishRosiee Says:

    Good luck.

    Would love to have you comment on this :

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