hallway timing

The hallways at work are breeding grounds for awkward exchanges. There’s this hallway timing… If you miss it, it’s just flat out uncomfortable. People asking how you are as they walk passed. Not stopping for an answer.

There’s a hallway grin that doesn’t rear its ugly head except for the hallways.

To make eye contact or not to make eye contact.

How far away is the most ideal for “hey how are you today?” “fine tha…” already passed you.

Then there’s the cute guy that you’ve never seen before. Do you say hey really enthusiastically or do you look down or straight ahead? How are you coming across? You can’t mumble anything because there is no time to say huh and correct yourself. So the quit wit is put away in fear of misunderstanding. I always mumble or speak too softly to trust myself in these moments.

Seems like the only people who have it down are the old grandpa guys that say “how are you, young lady?!” “Great! Thank you. And ho…” Gone. moment over. Maybe one day I’ll have the old man hallway timing. This may take a life time to figure out.


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4 Responses to “hallway timing”

  1. singlemilitarymom Says:

    You know as I’ve got older im seem to be more to myself then I once was with “hallway greetings”

  2. Corporate Life Says:

    Quite amusing. For some lighthearted office humor, please check out my blog entries

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