another mitch post

So… Last night was awesome. We had a great time. Taco Tuesdays with $4 tequila shots and $3 Coronas. We didn’t go overboard tho. Not even a smidge of hangover this morning. We just got relaxed and giggly together. Watched his friend play guitar on stage. One of my favorite combinations on the planet. Friends. Drinks. Live acoustic music.

Did I mention that I love his energy? He is just charged with something. I love having that around.

We talked about his disappearing act. He was not happy with how he did that. He told me that he did that with everyone. I believe him.

Sounds like that last girl was a huge rollercoaster of crazy. Glad he got out. Glad to have my friend back!


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One Response to “another mitch post”

  1. singlemilitarymom Says:

    Yay!! Sounds super fun.

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