For the last few weeks I’ve been hanging out with my neighbor more and more. He…

is 32 years old

has a college degree and works in GIS

has a broken back… seriously… he walks with a cane

He has curly hair that he doesn’t bother taming – which i kind of think is adorable.

is a recovering fat kid (like me!)

is completely sarcastic

420 friendly (i mean, if i had a broken back i’d do this instead of narcotics too!)

is constantly complaining about his love life or lack thereof

It doesn’t come across as if he wants anything but friendship from me… which I find a perk since his front door is probably a total of 4 feet from mine. Talk about impending disaster, right?!

So anyway, lately the topic of his dating comes up more and more. He is online dating and feels like he has only found a few crazy girls to go out with a few times in the last year. And poor guy, his friends with benefits just cut off the benefits!

We are completely too honest with each other and have shared entirely too much about our lives, love lives, and sex lives.

As I was heading home from my workout yesterday the sunset was incredible. I’m so lucky to live right on the river. Sunset plus water equals beauty everytime. So I texted him when I got home, grabbed my camera, and invited him for a ride in my new Jeep. I didn’t tell him my plans, but after an acceptable amount of showing off my car driving, I pulled into the parking lot across the street on the river, told him to get out, and started snapping pictures. My plan was to give him completely new pics for his online profiles that I planned on revamping ASAP!

I basically had to threaten him to get out of my car, but because of my winning persistent personality along with a few curse words, he went with it.

So, when we got back I asked him if he wanted white or red and told him I’m crashing his apartment for the evening. I had so much fun revamping all his profiles. Rewriting all his bios. And picking new pics for him along with the new ones I just took, which came out great by the way!

Anyway. It was fun. I’m crossing my fingers!

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    […] at my apartment complex. The first event that offered free booze. Not a coincidence. Me and josh decided to go together since it’s one of those potentially awkward things that make it hard […]

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