hobby vs life style

I’ve been called out lately on something I said to someone once. I didn’t think much about it… I’m not the kind of person to have a memory that allows me to hold on to things like others do. I say things… and it’s always in passing.

Maybe this is just an excuse. A way of not being held accountable for the things I say. But I’m still pondering it.

What I said was that kink to me was like a hobby. I can take it and leave depending on where I am in life…

Now… I am NOT in anyway down playing what kink might mean to someone else. I got offended that anyone would be offended by me saying that. Of course I believe that other people can have a different opinion and a different feeling about it. I expect the same acknowledgement. But that’s slightly besides the point…

My point is… I’ve been rethinking that. Kink… a hobby. A hobby is something that you can choose to invest time in or not. It’s not a necessity. It’s something that you get heavily involved in at one point in your life and usually tappers off. It’s something you enjoy. Something you spend money on.

So… I don’t disagree that kink can be a hobby as I stated. I think a lot of those traits are relevent when talking about kink. But, you know what? I was wrong about what it is to me. While yes, it is something that I’ve been heavily involved in and not involved in at different times in the last few years, the value to me has never diminished. I will ALWAYS put d/s in a place of utmost respect and awe and longing and craving.

Anyway… I’m still working it all out. But I’d love it to be apart of my daily life again some day. Almost need. The cravings are real and they are intense.

I use to think that it’s as simple as practicing self control. Like, how someone would consider a pint of ice cream or how one would contemplate being unfaithful to a spouse. But… I was wrong. I just don’t know exactly what to make it in my life, but it is definitely beyond a doubt more to me than just a transient hobby.


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