wedding weekend

I did it. I wore that darn dress for my friend’s wedding and had a friggin blast last weekend!

My travel arrangements must’ve been pieced together in heaven. I somehow never once had a flight cancelled despite snow-mageddon that covered so much of the US from Arkansas to Virginia. And effected flights EVERYWHERE. So many people couldn’t make it to the wedding. That part was sad. And the part where the wedding planner was putting stress on the bride (so of course it effected all of us in the wedding party) on moving the location of the wedding to the reception site. But, the bride stuck to her guns. She planned everything and wanted to keep it as such and it paid off!

The weather was gross for a majority of Friday and Saturday. Rain, snow, and everything in between. But it worked out well for outside pictures… or at least that is the only evidence you’ll see. The pictures turning out gorgeously. But it certainly wasn’t pleasant being in my off the shoulder, centimeter too long and brushing the wet ground dress.

I know, it sounds like a bunch of complaining… and I really don’t feel like it was awful. We all got through it. We celebrated. We partied. We took 100% advantage of the open bar at all the events. The reception was perfect. No expense spaired by far. I happened to have the only single groomsman, not that it mattered, but who doesn’t love the flirting??

Also, did I mention I traveled with a friend who toted a two month old along? I had a great time playing husband to her and helping with the baby. She was a good baby. I couldn’t believe how much trouble she wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, an infant isn’t exactly convenient by any means. I can’t imagine people traveling with kids that are uncooperative. I mean, I’m exhausted and I wasn’t the mommy that had to breastfeed or hold her for the majority of the time nor was she a bad baby. IT WAS EXHAUSTING WITH A GOOD CHILD! I can’t imagine. No wonder why we never went on any vacations as kids. There were 5 of us! Kudos to all you out there dealing with that gracefully… or even less gracefully. My sister travels with her kids all the time without any help and she does it like a rock star. How? I can give you her number… but I don’t think she could even tell you.

Anyway, I am so glad I went. I don’t think I could possibly imagine my friend married if I hadn’t witnessed the vows myself. I don’t mean that like I can’t believe someone is marrying her. I mean that in a I can’t believe there is a man out there that she deemed worthy of even letting her answer the proposal kind of way! She truly is a great friend and person… despite her bridesmaid dress choice.

I’m happy to have been apart of all of it, and even happier to be back home! I’m exhausted!


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