empty bed and spoiled humans

Me and A have spent almost every weekend together since we got started a little over three weeks ago. It’s the new norm. I get two nights with him. Five without.

I only spend two nights with him versus the five without. So why then when Sunday night rolls around once again is it so foreign to not have him in the bed next to me? It seems much more silent in my apartment than before he was there to begin with. How does that work?

I’ve always said that humans are really easy to spoil. I mean, we can have one good day and wonder why the next day we didn’t get what was owed to us… of course in reality it wasn’t owed to us even when the good day was happening. So I guess it’s just the case with Me and A. I’m spoiled in the two nights we spend together. And feel it unfair that I have to spend 5 without him.

On a happy note he started a new job today! It offers a small salary bump and AND AND AND!!!!! He won’t have to work nights.

Hallelujah! PRAISE THE LORD. And all other deities that deserve it!

His energy levels have been tanked while he’s been on nights. It’s both a blessing and a curse that I’m a lot to keep up with… But only a blessing if you have the energy for it  🙂 🙂 🙂 <— at least one of smilies should have horns on them.


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