just… no


I feel a bit bad for my co-workers today. I think I need to have a mood monitor hanging in my cube. Like how they have flags at the beach. If it’s green come on in! The water’s fine! Enjoy! If its yellow, proceed with caution… maybe tread lighter than normal. Maybe avoid anti-feminist verbiage. When its red… just turn around. Avoid eye contact. No flirty jokes. I won’t be amused. If its double red…. just drop me off a box of Kleenex and maybe chocolate and don’t say a word. Tip toe out of my pitiful  excuse of an “office” undetected.


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One Response to “just… no”

  1. over it | Lot of ramblings from little ole me Says:

    […] maybe I need more coffee, and maybe I just need to get a couple red flags… but I’m just about over people […]

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