so. much. pie.

I went to visit family this past week. My sister in law is a wiz in the kitchen. I ate and ate and ate all week. We’d have lunch with dessert, then two hours later someone says pie and every one has a round of pie with whipped cream. Then a few hours later we’d have dinner with dessert. Then the alcohol would start. This went on for days!!

So! Now that I’ve enjoyed that… It’s time to fix it.

Thanksgiving detox!!

Step 1: commence fluids!!! ALL THE WATER! ALWAYS HAVE WATER.

Step 2: Stay productive. Clean, wrap gifts, read a book, take a bath, but whatever you do stay productive (or at least busy)!

Step 3: Stay active! Don’t skip the workout. Add some extra cardio. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Continue this till the scale says something you kind of sort of recognize!


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