I wasn’t nervous till he asked me to pick which color I wanted first.
Decisions always trigger my nerves. Especially when my dom is involved. Isn’t he the all time decision maker? So I pick fast. White. The candles have been heating since before we started making dinner.
He approaches me slowly. Kneeling beside me. Looks at me. Naked on the floor. Then into my eyes. Taking my temperature again. I must have passed the test because he tilted the jar. I braced myself.
The wax hits my skin. Warm, not hot at all. Nothing hurts. I relax some. He continues to pour. Like an artist with a paint brush and me, his canvas… he continues to pour slowing.
After each candle is spent he asks for the next color. We go through them all. White, Green, Red, Blue, Red again…
As the wax is spilling and splattering and rolling down my skin…. the warmth hardens. It feels nice. No pain. Just pleasure. He is concentrating on my body so intently. And I’m looking into his eyes as he paints. Watching the directions his eyes shift. I enjoy someone enjoying my body – a submissive trait, for sure.
I kept thinking what’s next? What will happen when he is finished? What will his pleasure be? Then the answer comes… in the form of a paint scraper.
I laugh to myself. While he was enjoying being the artist… he knew the scraper was coming. I’m happy about this too – a masochist trait, for sure

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