Sir T is poly. He believes in open relationships. And we aren’t dating. We are strictly d/s. Basically this means that, while I am his sub, I can have sex with anyone I want with one caveat. I get permission in advance and make sure I keep all parties safe in the process. He just really wants to be in on my sexual loop. Makes sense. He does have a hard no-other-Dom policy. That makes sense too.
He has a few other subs. He isn’t jealous, and I don’t feel stingy with him either. I feel rather open to it actually. I like that I can be open with him about guys. and about everything. If I’ve got some sort of date lined up he is cool with that. Not that I’m pursuing that very actively right now.  But things come up. He just wishes me well. “Have fun.” And if I’m stressed about another boy. Fine. He will help be a stress relief. He actually is pretty good about giving me a different perspective on things. It shifts my gears for me. Helps me take a calmer look at things. I’m so grateful for it. And I’m very very happy about it.
In fact… More and more I think on polyamorous relationships the more I can buy into it. If me and my husband had an open relationship… We would still be married. He’d make a great life partner – someone light hearted to grow gray with. He’d make a great father. Great friend. Great provider. But… we weren’t enough for each other. Can’t help but wonder… Wish I had been more opened minded when I was younger.

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