just for me

I was having a particularly stressful day last Wednesday. I mentioned this to Sir T. He immediately sprung into action. He came over after work. We had a early dinner and evening in. It was unexpected and very sweet.
****side note****
When I know we are seeing each other I have a check list of primping. Whether it’s shaving, picking out an outfit, a shower, painting my nails. The usual primp stuff. After all, it’s in the rules… but surely there is some leeway for spontaneous plans? I don’t know yet. I’m not sure what his expectations are in certain things. I’m actually excited to figure all this out. I am nervous/anxious/excited to see what he would do if I slip or slack on a few rules for any reason.
So far, he has proven to be a reasonable and gracious man. He is allowing me time to learn. But I’m almost tempted to push the lines a little. What will his reaction be? What will my punishments be? What will his eyes look like?
Oh, the facial expressions. He has that Dom switch. The switch that turns a man from a man to a dom. That look in the eyes. The demeanor. It excites me to think about!!
Anyway, the point is. He came over to pamper me. The focus was on me that evening. He chose to take that on himself. He chose to give that to me. I feel honored and lucky.
After that night I felt more like his. So far we haven’t made anything official. A lot of new things. A lot of tasks. A lot of temperature taking. But nothing official.
Every day… “Are you still having fun?” I know he knows that is important. With a simple question I can tell, he knows not to take me for granted. I like it.

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