Sir T

We decided to meet for a few drinks before dinner time on Friday. As I walked up he was getting out of his car. Now… let me see… how to say this respectfully…

Remember Mr. Dimples? He oozed cute and sexy. I couldn’t stop staring. Sir T is older. He’s been in this scene for over 20 years. He started at age 17! He’s 40ish years old. That’s older than I had been looking for. But this guy’s resume is worth looking past age and, quite frankly, looks. He’s 5’11” and probably around 230/240lbs. He wears classes with a yellow tint and he has quite a gut on him. BUT, like I said, his experience in this art is intense. I could learn a whole hell of a lot from him. He has had experience with everything.

On top of that he use to be a photographer. I saw his portfolio (I guess that’s what you’d call it) and his rope work coupled with his photography skills is fantastic! Drool worthy! I’m enamored just knowing what he can do, and what he can offer me!

He started out training as a switch under a dominatrix at age 17. He was her sub, and in turn had a few subs for himself. He only subbed for her. Easy to see how valued he was to her. It’s easy to think, “Well, that’s what he SAYS anyway, but how can you know?” He has a reference list. Past subs, current subs, people he’s mentored, people he IS mentoring. It’s clear he is serious about earning my trust. It’s intense and legit from all angles that I can tell. No red flags.

He isn’t pompous or trying to read my mind or full of himself or condescending. After he says anything he asks where I stand on topics. He truly wants to know where I’ve come from and what I’m thinking. And he remembers everything I say. It’s easy to see how meticulous he is. He does everything with purpose. Every conversation, every question. There’s always layers to what he is looking for. One answer tells him 5 different things about me. I love this about him. My mind doesn’t work like this. And it’s so fascinating to recognize.

It’s hard not to wish he was a bit more on the attractive side, but like I said… he more than tips the scales in all other areas.

After a few drinks he wants to walk around the mall some. Walk off the pre-dinner beer. He takes me into a shop and picks out a few dresses. I put them on for him. I was really nervous about sizes and looking terrible in front of him. I was getting so self conscious, but, actually, it was really fun. He has a good eye. They were beautiful. They fit. Overall it was great.

At this point he is interested in taking me under his wing. And I feel completely honored. One thing I noticed about him that was different from the other guys I’d met with: I could look into his eyes. I mean… not just a passing glance… I could sit in his gaze a I didn’t feel the need to look away. I don’t feel comfortable doing this very often. It said something deep to me. Just a feeling. Maybe it’s nothing.

I just have the one hang up. R. I can’t get him off my mind.


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2 Responses to “Sir T”

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    […] Remember when Sir T took me into the mall the very first day I met him and had me try on a few dresses?? Well, a few weeks later I went back and bought that cute little black dress for my upcoming reunion. And truth be told I was super nervous to actually wear this. It’s definitely the tightest dress I’ve ever worn. I’ve lost 15 pounds this summer, for a total of 50 pounds in the past 6.5 years. And it is taking quite a while for my eyes to catch up to my scale… actually I believe I’ll never see myself accurately in a mirror. So, I stressed about this dress that is showing off my new figure, having to put my trust in others to tell me I look good in it. And to convince myself that my eyes are lying to me. My insecurity is a bastard intent on me hating myself. […]

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