Q&A with Sir T

Last Thursday (9/3/15) I was surprised to hear from a Dom on fetlife whose profile I admired a few months back. I’ll call him Sir T. It had intimidated me because he is one of those guys that is a lifer (20 years in the life style), knows what he wants, very high standards, had SEVERAL relationships listed, and just overall kind of scary intimidating all the way to the profile picture he was rocking. The pic is of a dark and gray face with lights for eyes… the whole face fading into black shadows. Not a real photo… not a person… not his picture. But haunting.

Anyway, he wrote me saying my profile had “intrigued” him. It was a loooong email introducing himself, explaining the relationships he currently has (a few long distance subs, and a few that he just protects from online predictors.) He was looking for more, and always with the end game of finding a life-long companion, but a more consistent sub at the least.

The length of his email, and the things he chose to speak about made me feel special right off the bat. He took the time to write this. He put thought into this. He is a picky guy and he has chosen to write to me. How can I have so much respect for someone I haven’t even met yet?

I see this around 2:30 in the afternoon… My first instinct is to write back and say “YES YES I’M INTERESTED! TAKE ME NOW!” but I knew he was deserving of someone a tad bit more composed than that! LOL. I decided to wait til after my run after work to reply…. but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. By the time I finished my workout and sat down to my computer at home I already had it written in my head. It spilled out of my finger tips just right.

He responds! This time he has a ton of questions written. So… I sit down around 10pm and start the answers. Some questions are extremely unconventional and HIGHLY unexpected. “what is your favorite color?” That one wasn’t hard. MINT GREEN, PLEASE! “What animal, domesticated or wild, would you choose for a pet if you could pick anything in the world?” This is hard to come up with on the spot… All I could think about was cuddling with an oversized feline… so I said as much. Then the more typical questions… “what are you looking for?” “What does d/s look like to you?” “what does a collar mean to you?” And I answered everything with about a book’s worth… You guys know me, I can get long winded – rambling on and on… I do try to keep things short so I don’t bore anyone, but sometimes there is just sooooo much to say. So about half way down the list I had to call it a night. I sent what I had so far and promised to reply before lunch with the rest of the questions answered.

“If you could get away with it, what crime would you like to commit?” Go ahead, think about this one awhile. I’m STILL THINKING ABOUT IT! lol

By 9am I had answered all of them. I felt rather accomplished. It wasn’t easy. But he positively responds and I’m so happy I’ve made him proud (and impressed him with) my responses. Not sure in which way anything I could’ve said was worthy of impressing anyone… I just answered them… Maybe he was just impressed with my word count. :-/ If you don’t hate that immediately you love it, right??? lol. That’s how I am. When I read something, if I like what I’m seeing – I love something good and long to read. Otherwise, no one will sit there and read 1000+ words of shit. But I digress.

Over the course of next day we decide to meet!


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