date with jd

Jd was so promising last week. We hung out a few times. Great make out session. He was readily available and wanted to take me out!

Friday rolled around and I decided to skip the workout and get ready at an easy pace. Nothing fancy, but I did the eye brow pluck, nail trim, hair washing, lotioning, spraying, you know… enough to get myself excited. We all have our routine that we go through if we have the time and care enough. It’s a nice little ritual that makes you feel pretty and calms the nerves.

We set 7pm as the time of pick up. I was ready a full 25 minutes in advance. When I’m excited I usually don’t sit still very well. I kept myself busy with some light cleaning, and I turned on netflix.

6:40 Text: “I’m running a bit late. Drinking at Blue Canoe. They brought us another pitcher without us ordering it. 😦 ”

Couple of things I feel are note worthy about this.

  • There ARE legitimate excuses for running late. This does not count as one of them.
  • Drinks BEFORE a date?? Okay… I might be guilty of the half a glass a wine to take the edge off some nerves before a date… but going out with buddies (I hope he was with buddies – for the sole reason that it wasn’t the first drink… and they were pitchers!) before hand? Am I plan number two for the evening? I guess that’s okay…. but… It doesn’t settle right with me.
  • Maybe I’m being dramatic about this one. Why can’t he ditch early? I mean, prior commitments. There are a lot of things I roll well with, but fucking with my calendar and time is at the top of my no-no list. I do realize I value this more than the average gal, but I VALUE THIS! It’s me. It’s not going to change. And if you can’t respect my time on date 1?? How will it be going forward? If I was with friends before a date and they mistakenly brought another round, I would politely give my drink away and bow out.

He picked me up closer to 8. But he came to my door… this is a lost art I believe. I know that we are opting to meet at a neutral location more and more, but there’s something about opening the door to a date…. So I add a tally mark to the pro side of the list… but still it’s lopsided.

As we descended the stairs of my apartment building he starts going on about his car. He’s been driving this thing for the last 10 plus years. So…. it’s quite old. Antique by definition, but not the classy kind. It smells of old plastic. I don’t really care about cars and new/old/sports/blah blah blah… so I just say “Please don’t worry about it. Not a big deal.” We get in. “Oh, and the a/c just went out.” At this point I take hold of the hint… “Would you like me to drive?”

Ugh… I hate driving. I’m a nervous driver when I have passengers. But if it eases his mind then…. sure… “Fine.” I don’t like this car insecurity… Just own it. And go with it. It wasn’t a particularly warm night, it would’ve been perfectly fine. But car insecurity. Not attractive.

We head to dinner. And it’s nice. He pays. He is good at filling in any gaps in a conversation, not that there were many. He’s sweet. Still sweet. And I really really really am drawn in by this. Then I realize… It’s the ONLY thing that is drawing me in.

He’s not the usual body type I’m attracted to. He doesn’t have a commanding personality that I feel safe with. I just am completely turned off some where in the middle of dinner… but I like him… just…. not… in a jump-your-bones-sort-of way. And I realize, this is why no clothes came off the last time…

Bubble busted. The date ended uneventfully. And I’m not too entirely sure if I’ll see JD again.


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