life happens. gotta happen with it.

I JUST said something about this in a recent post.

I decided that its best not to humor the interests of guys while I get over this break up. That the relationship I would be able to cultivate would be the one of me and Mr. Dimples… It’s safe there… in my mind. Nothing in the way of commitment past our d/s one. It wouldn’t be fair to date ANYONE right now. Because at this point if the guy that dumped me were to change his mind today I know I’d give it another shot… whether I should or shouldn’t.

So, of course, this weekend I meet a boy. We’ll call him JD He is the sweetest guy I think I’ve ever met. And not the sweet like my ex husband sweet: the kind of sweet that can use the sweet to manipulate without even realizing it. But this sweet carries an innocents with it. JD is shy. Not my type at all. He’s scrawny and barely taller than me. Pretty sure I could squat more than him… usually this is a deal breaker… so… why am I so intrigued? Probably because I decided not to pursue boys!

We met the old fashion way… In a bar. We have a mutual friend. And we all just happened to be out and about. He was completely wasted when I first met him! I didn’t feel the slightest bit interested. In fact, I was more interested in our mutual buddy. But through the night and wee hours of the morning JD came to life. Only enough to see straight tho. LOL. Our crew of 6 people ended up bunking at one of the guy’s apartments that was within walking distance. I claimed a section of the couch! And JD claimed the other. He asked for my number when we all parted ways at 10am the next morning. I gave it to him.

I was very straight forward about telling him about the break up and the status of my heart… He seemed genuine when he said he understood. We got together for a movie on Sunday night.

After the movie we made out for HOURS. I don’t know that I’ve spent that much time kissing with clothes on since high school! Never removed a stitch of clothing. It was so much fun! Who knew!? And I was surprised by how much I enjoyed talking with him.

So much for not dating, right?

Life happens. You might as well happen with it.

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  1. violet online Says:

    keeping clothes on! the best…

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